Boat engine data on an iPhone with Signal K

Boat engine data on an iPhone

I couldn't have imagined an App that could calculate fuel economy for most brands of marine engines in real time. To have portable boat engine data on an iPhone seemed wishful thinking...

VelocityTrack doppler radar for Simrad Halo

Simrad VelocityTrack doppler radar

News of great relief to Simrad Halo pulse compression radar users is the new VelocityTrack doppler radar feature coming in...

Raymarine says simply superior

Raymarine new logo simply superior

Logo redesigns aren't wildly exciting, but it's worth a mention that Raymarine announced to the world today that it is simply superior...

Water-resistant phone in six minutes, no case needed

wet-guard water-resistant phone nano coating

My annual pilgrimage to the Vancouver International Boat Show took place last Friday. I'm pleased to report that I came home with "hopefully" a water-resistant phone. More on that discovery...

Raymarine’s New Augmented Reality Wi-Fish Mobile App

Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile app

New version of Raymarine's Wi-Fish mobile app for use with Dragonfly-PRO and Wi-Fish CHIRP Sonar systems. Now includes Augmented Reality Viewing.

SeaStation by SeaStar for Optimus 360

Seastar SeaStation and Optimus360 in warehouse

I'm excited to share what I learned about SeaStar Solutions and their latest Optimus 360 enhancement called SeaStation which uses dual GPS antennas.

Garmin news: Fantom radar, Panoptix thru-hull, new MFDs and more

Garmin Fantom radar 24 inch radomevideo

Garmin updates their marine product line. Let's take a look at Garmin's new; multifunction displays, Panoptix thru-hull, Fantom radar radome and more...

Interactio’s Optio Fuel: the first completely wireless fuel flow sensor for boats

Interactio bluetooth Optio fuel flow sensor for boats

Interactio's Optio Fuel is the first truly wireless fuel flow sensor for boats. An IOS App connects via bluetooth to maximize fuel economy.

Catalina chaos: The ST4000 autopilot gone wild

Larry Terrace on Pacific Psalm

Larry Terrace guides Pacific Psalm on a sea-trial of his dated ST4000 Autohelm autopilot that hadn't worked properly for nearly two years...

iKommunicate from Digital Yacht brings the “Internet of Things” to boats

Digital Yacht iKommunicate

iKommunicate makes next generation interfacing with consumer devices easy and practical on any boat or even other marine assets like ports or buoys.