Journey: A boat with the right attitude!

Mente Marine ACS Automatic Trim Tabs

Purchasing Mente Marine's automatic trim tab control system five years ago was at the top of my list of improvements but would it stand the test of time and be worth the installation effort and cash?

Crowdfunding Roulette – the art of the swindle

Triton rebreather scam showing diagrams

Here's how to avoid being swindled -- and avoid this particularly problematic campaign...

Part 1: Arduino Rudder Reference LED Gauge for Raymarine

Arduino rudder reference LED Gaugevideo

This project explains how to build a rudder angle indicator (direction of turn indicator) using 5 LEDs, an Arduino Uno, and a Raymarine Z230 or M81105 rudder reference transducer.

Part 2: View rudder reference gauge on phone or tablet

Rudder position on phone or tabletvideo

This project is part 2 of how to build a direction of turn indicator (rudder angle indicator) using 5 LEDs, an Arduino Uno, an ethernet shield and a Raymarine Z230 or M81105 rudder reference transducer.

A powerful yet inexpensive wireless boat router

Mikrotik wifi router HAP series

What is Mikrotik? It sounds like a bug that might cause dutch lyme disease but I'm happy to report it doesn't...

Do it yourself marine electronics

Science fair crystal radio kit

When I realized that the rudder reference transducer is basically a large potentiometer (creating variable resistance values in ohms), it was easy to find a project that started me in the right direction...

Rudder reference installation

Journey rudder reference install7

Installation of a Raymarine Z230 or M81105 rudder reference transducer.

Enabling the internet of boats

Boat Antennas

By now you've probably heard the term "Internet of Things" (IOT). How is it relevant to my boat?

Miami Boat Show Musings

Sister ship to Ernest Hemingway's Pilar at the Miami Boat Show

Although I can't really cover all the products I liked, I'll give you a brief rundown of some of my favourite products...

Self flying camera that lands in saltwater

Lily Drone

You may also be aware that Lily isn't a drone, it's apparently a "self flying camera" that floats...