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Out with the old!

If you are reading this then you’ve noticed the brand new SIGNAL Kool website (launched yesterday) which I totally revamped to be better organized, much more modern, and a “kooler” user experience.  More importantly, content will be coming more often.

The image above is the last remanent of the old website which was meant to be a fun and temporary exploration into writing about marine tech.

Now after a lot of positive feedback I’ve decided to dive deeper into the fascinating world of marine electronics.

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The website features a better categorization of entries with multiple menus to sort articles in new ways such as “sail” and “power” which can divide topics depending on which audience might be applicable. Just as a sailor may have no need for trim tab controls, a powerboater might not be concerned with measuring apparent wind angles.

Everything was touched and reworked and some huge improvements have been made. The embedded video support is awesome and the RSS to email notification system is much more reliable and better formatted. Finally, I’m back to WordPress — a trusted favourite!

I hope you like the new look and stick around for what’s next…

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Adam Hyde (SIGNAL Kool Editor) is a member of Boating Writers International and has written articles for Panbo, SAILfeed, Power & Motoryacht, and Passagemaker. He lives in the Pacific North West in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, and is a self professed boat nut and marine electronics geek. His pride and joy is "Journey," a 1976 26 foot Tollycraft Sedan. When he's not out on the boat exploring he's often trying to figure out how to add more technology to it, hence this web mag. Adam is an advanced crew member in the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue and the author of 4 free boating related Apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores. See Adam's syndicated work