Raymarine i70s instrument display
eS and gS Series multifunction displays have a new family member

Designed to complement Raymarine’s eS and gS Series multifunction displays (MFDs), the new Raymarine i70s instrument looks fantastic. The update to the now retired i70 has a square “edge to edge” design. This matches Ray’s recent direction away from the rounded corners and wider bezels on older products.


This little brother of the 9″ – 19″ gS glass bridge series and Ray’s latest and popular 7″ – 12″ eS series has a few key improvements as well. Screen brightness is now a whopping 1200 candela per square meter (cd/m2). This is up from 700 cd/m2 in the i70. As reference, Apple’s latest iPad Pro 9.7 is the brightest tablet on the market at 511 cd/m2. This according to display mate test results. As a result, direct sunlight viewing will be clear and crisp with this new instrument. Other display specifications remain the same at 64K colors and 320 x 240 pixels. Claimed is a wide viewing angle.

From a mounting perspective the new display has the same outer dimensions (4.33″ (110mm) x 4.52″ (115mm)) as the old one. What has changed is that the new i70s instrument is surface mounted, a departure from the former front-mount or circular cut mounting options.

Both the i70 and i70s run the same v3.06 Lighthouse instrument software released in June. Functionality is identical with either instrument.

Power Consumption

The minimum voltage needed has dropped from 10.7 Volts to 9 Volts. Screen brightness has been greatly boosted yet overall power consumption has only increased by 0.1 Watts (1.7 Watts). The display is still powered via the single Seatalk NG connector at the back which adds a 3 LEN load to your NMEA 2000 network.

 Analog Transducer Calibration

Raymarine iTC-5 instrument transducer converter
Raymarine ITC-5 instrument transducer converter

The ITC-5 is an instrument transducer converter that puts analog signals from transducers such as speed / temperature, depth, fluxgate compass, or rudder onto the Seatalk NG network. You need an ST70 or i70 series display to be able to calibrate the ITC-5. The new i70s instrument will work for this but of note is Raymarine’s recently removed support for a fluxgate compass (yellow connectors in the above diagram). If you have an older fluxgate compass you want to use for magnetic heading, there is no guarantee it will work. Likely it will though.


Raymarine’s latest instrument seems a nice update. The low profile edge to edge look is very attractive. Suggested retail price of the i70s is $480US. It seems reasonable to expect that Raymarine’s p70 and p70r autopilot control heads will be updated to match sometime this year.

Happy July 4th!

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