Raymarine new logo simply superior
Raymarine announces new logo and branding

Logo redesigns aren’t wildly exciting, but it’s worth a mention that Raymarine announced to the world today that it is simply superior.

A pretty bold statement and I think it’s a mistake. I’m a big Raymarine fan and I have a bunch of their products. I’m 100% sure that they aren’t simply superior. Really? Why not just say superior, or is “simply” added to soften the phrase?

The image above shows the new logo and tagline above the old one which I pasted on the bottom. Raymarine calls it refined aesthetics. It’s a pretty subtle change with a slightly more modern font. I hope you like it because you are going to start seeing it on all those hard to miss radar scanners in your local marina.

What company in any industry can pull off a tagline like this and hope for any measure of believability?  It just sounds too standoff-ish and begs for criticism. Can you imagine the outcry if Apple tried this?  I could actually make a much more convincing argument that Apple is simply superior.

From News Release:

Along with the new look, Raymarine has also adopted a new signature tagline, “Simply Superior.” This bold statement reflects FLIR’s mission to deliver superior-performing products and powerful, intuitive user experience under the Raymarine brand – from the company’s award-winning radar, autopilot, thermal, and sonar product lines to leading-edge Multi-Function Display platforms powered by its breakthrough LightHouse operating system.

It’s quite disappointing and very “un-marine” like, if you’ll excuse the made up word. I hope Raymarine doesn’t actually believe this nonsense. If it does, and it muddies their commitment to innovation, much bigger companies like Garmin are going to eat their lunch.

Personally I don’t think a tagline should represent a mission statement. Missions are about company goals and values, taglines are about relating a “believable” value proposition to the consumer.  Finding the right balance is hard but nobody likes a bragger! Just sayin…..

If you check out you’ll see the new logo is already in action.

New Raymarine logo on radar mount
New Raymarine logo on radar mount