Simrad VelocityTrack doppler radar
Simrad introduces VelocityTrack doppler radar feature

Miami boat show 2017 is in full swing and while I’m not attending this year, I’m still privy to the latest announcements. News of great relief to Simrad Halo pulse compression radar users is the new VelocityTrack doppler radar feature. You can keep your existing gear!

Doppler radar colors moving targets differently from stationary ones. It’s a must have feature. It makes a radar display easier to use and react to. Magnetron based radars are now obsolete technology. If you are considering purchasing radar for your boat, solid state is definitely the way to go.

Last year it was Furuno and Garmin that hit the news with simultaneous announcements of their noteworthy Target Analyzer and Motionscope doppler breakthroughs. Simrad Halo owners will be excited about “better late than never” VelocityTrack doppler radar. Coming this June you can unlock a feature that will add this critical safety feature to your existing electronics.

The only downside I see is that Simrad has decided to charge for the unlock code. It’s called a premium feature. This strategy perplexes me. Why charge for something that your competitors are including in their solid state radars? Purchase unlock codes from a Simrad dealer or on the GoFree store. No word of pricing at this time.

From the Simrad news release:

Closing or approaching targets are automatically highlighted with the option to de-emphasize diverging or retreating targets. A perfect complement to MARPA, VelocityTrack offers an immediate view of all relative target motion, making it easier to pick out relevant targets to track and ignore targets that are not a collision risk.

Now only Raymarine is the remaining “major” that hasn’t announced a doppler feature. I can only imagine that this will happen very soon. The Miami boat show isn’t over yet…

If you can afford VelocityTrack doppler radar, it will likely be worth spending the extra money.